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Who is welcome at the 10-Year Celebrations?
The event is for all past pupils who matriculated at Glenwood House School across the years 2006 to 2015, as well as all the past pupils from 2003 to 2005 before the school became known as Glenwood House School. Spouses and children are most welcome as well.

How do I go about registering for the 10-Year Celebrations?
All attendees are required to register in advance using the online registration system. You can find this online registration system on the school’s website ( or on the GLENWOOD HOUSE ALUMNI Facebook site (search GLENWOOD HOUSE ALUMNI and then request inclusion into the group to be able to access the registration documents). We would like as many as possible past pupils who matriculated at the school to belong to this group to make communication easier. You will also be kept up to date with newsletters, latest developments, upcoming events, sports results, etc.
On the online registration platform you will be able to access all the information regarding the event, costs, payment details, programmes, memorabilia, etc.
When arriving at the event, report to the ALUMNI STATION – you will receive your registration goodie bag with all programmes, information, surprises, etc. You will also receive your identification tags which you must wear during the EDEN XPERIENCE and the Reunion.

When is the last day for registration for the 10-Year Celebrations?
Online registrations close on Monday 22 August at midnight.

When you arrive at the school you will receive your goodie bag. This will include all programmes, information, and so forth but it will also be filled with a variety of sponsored goodies. Your 10-Year Celebrations gift will also be included with your identification tags that you will be required to wear during this event.

Will I still be able to register for the 10-Year Celebrations after the deadline for registration?
We want to strongly encourage all our past pupils to register by the deadline since we need the funds to realize the event and make it as spectacular as possible for them.
However, if this is not possible or a past pupil finds out about this event too late (after the registration deadline), you can still register by e-mailing or for assistance.

The EDEN XPERIENCE is a family event that is held annually to raise funds for the school. The event is conducted by the Parents’ Association and offers a variety of cycling races and hikes. It is a family event and there are attractions and races for toddlers and families as well. Races range from fun walks and cycles to the more serious cyclists and runners and longer distances.
Lots to eat and do! There is even a preparatory hockey festival on the Saturday morning.

The 10-Year Celebrations will take place at the same time as the EDEN XPERIENCE –
how will this work?

The 10-Year Celebrations is piggy-backing onto the EDEN XPERIENCE for the following reasons:

  • It will save costs for the Alumni members since the infrastructure and logistics will already be established and the cost for these will be carried by the Parents’ Association.
  • The event offers a significant variety of races, events, entertainment, food and drink stalls, and many other attractions that will add tremendous value to the 10-Year Celebrations.

In short – we can offer you more at a lower cost for you.

The programmes for the two events have been merged sensibly and effectively to offer all Alumni members as many as possible attractions and opportunities as possible.

What is the Alumni Station and where will it be situated?
There will be an information station for all Alumni members at the EDEN XPERIENCE. This will be your 1-stop-information-station for the weekend.
The following services will be available at the Alumni Station:

  • General Information Station.
  • Registrations (in case you have not yet registered using the online system).
  • Registration for races and other events.
  • Distribution of registration goodie bags when you report on arrival, which includes your official 10-Year Celebrations gift.
  • Slide Shows of photos from across the years.
  • Memorabilia for sale – Old Boys’ Ties and Old Girls’ Scarves; Glenwood Supporters Clothing, Glenwood water bottles, recipe books; 10-Year Celebrations memorabilia … and much more.
  • BUY-A-BRICK Project – information and registration.
  • Anything else you require ……

There will even be a few grade 8 boys and girls who will be solely responsible for the ALUMNI over this weekend. They will be wearing a very bright yellow t-shirt running around like traffic cones trying to keep you happy.

What do I do when I arrive at Glenwood House?
This will depend on your time of arrival.
08h00 – 14h00: Report to the College Reception in the Administration Building and you will be assisted with your registration.
14h00 – 21h00: Go directly to the ALUMNI STATION at the EDEN XPERIENCE behind the swimming pool – the ALUMNI STATION will be clearly marked.
The Gully will be open during this time and the inflatables and most of the attractions will be running.

How does the sports teams work and how can I register to participate?
Glenwood Old Boys and Old Girls will be participating with current seniors in teams. We will not be playing Old Boys and Girls versus current 1st teams (we do not want you to stretch a hammy) – teams will be a mixture of past and present pupils and, where applicable, even mixed gender.

  • Hockey – All hockey matches will be played on the mini Astro – fewer players per team and shorter games.
  • Netball – All netball matches will be played on the netball courts next to the indoor cricket arena.
  • Paintball Wars – Mixed teams across years will be formed who will battle it out to become the victorious team at the end of the tournament.
  • Touch Rugby – In order to prevent the breaking of brittle bones as our old boys grow older we decided to play touch rugby rather than contact rugby or sevens. There has been a request from some Old Boys to play contact rugby – we can make this happen if the demand is there.
  • Soccer – Teams will be mixed (male and female). The goal is to enjoy rather than being overly competitive.

What do I do with my children when we want to participate in any event?
There will be a significant number of inflatables and other attractions for their enjoyment. There will also be a special play area for toddlers and very young children. The EDEN XPERIENCE is a family event and there will be many children around – there is even a preparatory hockey festival on the Saturday morning.

If there is a need for a crèche we will certainly provide this facility if mom and dad wants to participate in sports and other events. This crèche will be situated at the EDEN XPERIENCE and will be run by a teacher and some of the senior girls in the school. This facility will only be available if the demand for it is there. This can be indicated on the registration form.

Tell me more about the SCHOOL TOURS.
The tour will start in the Boarding House with a digital presentation. From here the tour will follow a pre-determined route that will include various classrooms, administration building, auditoriums, libraries, use of technology in classrooms, labs, the boarding house, cricket nets, gymnasium, etc. You will also be privy to some future developments in the pipeline.

Tell me more about the CLOSEST-TO-THE-PIN competition.
A competition will be conducted at the Driving Range next to the school – please see programme. Male and female competitions will be conducted and there will be a price involved.

Tell me more about the PAINTBALL WARS.
The paintball station will be available during the entire weekend for use. There will be a specified time on Saturday that the Alumni will do battle in mixed teams. The idea is to crown a winning team at the end of the battle. All equipment will be provided – you are encouraged to participate as this will be great fun. Remember to bring clothing for this battle – do not turn up in your Sunday best.

Tell me more about the SHOWCASE and entertainment.
Superior sound; great lighting; even greater performers.
Get ready for a programme conducted by the SHOWCASE Presenter. Performers will include current performers but performers from previous years as well. There will be a variety of items for your enjoyment and there will also be SHOWCASE clowns and mimes to entertain your children. Enjoy the SHOWCASE while you have your dinner and enjoy your friends’ company.

Tell me more about the MAIN OFFICIAL WELCOME AND FUNCTION on Saturday evening.
The Official Function of the 10-Year Celebrations will be on Saturday 3 September after the sports matches during the day. During this event you will be privy to the plans of the school for the future and will be warmly welcomed by our esteemed Headmaster, Mr Dennis Symes. We will honour the Heads of School over the years and take photos of the attendees per year group.
You will be treated to a stunning dinner – spit barbecue with a variety of side dishes, breads, preservatives, and salads. Dessert provided. The Gully will be open for business. Year photos will be taken. Jumping castles will still be up for the little ones.

Will there be any memorabilia for sale at the 10-Year Celebrations?
There will be a number of dedicated photographers and recorders walking around during the 10-Year Celebrations and the EDEN XPERIENCE. All footage taken will be compiled into a DVD of the event. In addition the DVD will also offer slide shows of photos as on our server and in our archives year by year. Recordings of the sports matches will also appear on the DVD. Any additional footage that the alumni can provide will be added as well for the benefit of all alumni.
There will also be official Glenwood House supporters’ clothing and a variety of Glenwood House issue memorabilia.
At registration you will receive a special 10-Year Celebrations gift that you will be able to keep and use.
There will also be Old Boy ties and Old Girl scarves introduced for the very first time at this event – in the future all outgoing matriculants will be able to purchase this item.

How can I register for the races offered by the EDEN XPERIENCE event and how much does it cost?
Please see the programmes.
You can register on the provided website or at the venue during the times as reflected on the programme.

This project will be run for the School Hall (for all Glenwood Old Boys and Old Girls) and the Boarding House (only for Old Boys and Old Girls who were boarders).
The cost is R500 and this includes a brass plate with your name and years of study affixed to a brick in the School Hall or Boarding House. Over the years this opportunity will be offered to all outgoing Grade 12 pupils.
In this way you will always be honoured as a past pupil and you will leave something behind in the school you attended. Maybe you can show this to your kids one day when they attend Glenwood House School.

What is the ALUMNI TRUST?
This project will be announced at the event and there will be more information in your registration goodie bags.
This project invites ALUMNI members to sign a debit order for any amount per month that will be paid into an ALUMNI TRUST FUND. This FUND will be run by an ALUMNI BOARD who will make all the decisions regarding the investment and spending of the funds. Examples of spending might be:

  • Enhancing technology in the classrooms;
  • Providing shading, pavilions, or any other physical fixtures on the school campus (for example – big chess pieces, granite tables with chess boards; benches; lighting, etc.)
  • Offering bursaries to prospective pupils who might not be able to afford schooling at Glenwood House;
  • Temporary assistance for pupils whose parents have fallen on hard times and need financial support for a short time period;
  • Sponsoring school teams and events;
  • Sponsoring individual pupils who cannot afford tours or camps during the year;
  • Any other investment as the ALUMNI BOARD sees fit.

The ALUMNI BOARD will have total control over this fund and will communicate with the ALUMNI members on the dedication of funds. The first ALUMNI BOARD will be appointed at the Reunion by means of nominations and ballots. There will be strict guidelines as to the handling of the TRUST and ALUMNI members can be assured that their contributions will be safe and secure and the use thereof will be conducted by the appointed ALUMNI TRUST FUND BOARD.

We hope that there are past pupils out there who feel that the school has benefitted them significantly in their time at Glenwood House and would like the idea of contributing to the future sustainable success of the school. In the process your contribution might make it possible for some pupils to be able to attend the school even though they cannot afford to.