Ethos is a Greek word and denotes the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterise a community, a nation or an ideology. A Christian ethos is the Christian’s relationship with the living God in Jesus.

We believe that a good learning environment includes:

  • a deliberate attempt to link the gospel of Christ with the daily life of the school;
  • an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance and respect;
  • a sensitivity to individual needs where children’s self-esteem and confidence grow and where they feel able to make mistakes without fear of criticism;
  • partnership between adults and children;
  • sensitivity towards the beliefs, hopes and fears of parents;
  • reaching out and engaging with the local community;
  • instilling a sense of belonging and pride in our school
  • a curriculum that combines academic rigour with fun, sensitivity and prayerfulness;
  • understanding that “In pursuit of excellence” means that all Glenwoodians will always make their best effort in everything they pursue

We also acknowledge that we are a multi-faith society and honour those of others faith traditions and welcome the contribution that they bring to our school, community and country.

Our ethos does not embrace extreme views and does not set out to evangelise: it is much more an expression of service to the local community.

We continuously strive to offer learners the opportunity to:

  • reflect on the importance of a system of personal belief
  • recognise the place a Christian faith has in the lives and choices of people
  • develop a sense of wonder, awe and curiosity
  • understand the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of their actions for themselves and others
  • be creative, questioning and imaginative within a broad Christian framework that recognizes the importance of experience, personal values and respect for the beliefs of others
  • recognise, respect and celebrate cultural diversity
  • accept and love yourself
  • continuously challenge yourself to grow and develop