The Glenwood Karoo Challenge is the highlight of experiences at GWH. It is a compulsory journey for all Gr 10 learners that spearhead social responsibility at the school.

The journey stretches 550km through the Karoo over 18 days. Learners cycle, hike and paddle to complete this important milestone. The experience speaks to:

    • Commitment, preparation and adventure. Learners need to work on their fitness for most of the year to ensure that they can complete the journey. Learners need to plan and prepare to make sure they fulfill their goals. Mostly, learners enjoy the adventure of outdoor life for 18 days
    • Physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual challenges – redefining the boundaries and realising in yourself that anything is possible and you are capable of so much more
    • Exploring, independence and environmental awareness for learners
    • NOT being connected to technology or consumption brings new experiences of connecting and engaging with peers
    • Social responsibility, giving to and sharing with others. We recognise that we are privileged and want to help those in need.

We believe that our path in life should not be determined by our circumstances but by our talents and efforts. The GKC journey is an important part of every learner’s life journey. Glenwood House School provides a secure foothold in the passage to adulthood.

Please visit the Glenwood House Karoo Challenge facebook page for up to date events.