Glenwood House Pre-Preparatory School

Our Pre-Preparatory school, Little Glens, focuses on teaching young children to become happy, confident and competent. We believe that good self-esteem leads to spontaneous and experimental learning, which will lead to school readiness and development of cognitive (particularly reading and mathematics) and non-cognitive skills. Non-cognitive skills, such as attention, effort, initiative and behaviour are a very important part of our programme.  The children are taught to love one another and respect one another’s differences. They are taught to be kind and considerate, and to grow and develop good life skills.

We believe that a relaxed, fun environment helps the Little Glens to cope with the physical, perceptual, social, emotional and academic demands of the school arena. Our skills focus is on language and pre-reading as well as cognitive, physical, gross- and fine motor and emotional skills.

The school is committed to fostering strong communication and close co-operation with our parents. We have two notable social events each year. The Summer Splash is held in the first term and is all about having fun with water games. The playground is transformed into a water wonderland and the children have a wonderful time getting wet and enjoying the summer weather. Each class has delicious eats and drinks on sale. This event is enjoyed by the whole family.

Our International Food Fair sees the Little Glens playground decorated with stalls from an array of different countries with delicious meals on sale and a lovely international atmosphere. This evening is a highlight on the Little Glens calendar and coincides with their theme “Children of the World”. Other special days that are big celebrations at Little Glens are: Mother’s day, Father’s day, Grandparent’s day, our annual concert and, of course, the graduation ceremony for our Grade Os.  We regularly invite guests to entertain and educate our children through puppet shows, visits from Community Helpers and going on several outings during the year.

Glenwood House School is active in all aspects of social responsibility. The Little Glens get involved in various projects, helping people and the environment.

We eagerly participate in the annual George Art Eisteddfod and each year our Little Glens are awarded highest honours.

We also offer aftercare facilities on our premises. Please see more information under Glenwood House School Aftercare.


At Little Glens, we have an informal school uniform. The children are encouraged to wear “easy-to-manage” clothing and are never reprimanded for getting dirty. Children are permitted to come to school barefoot during the summer months. The school sports shirts and hats have the school logo printed on the front. It is compulsory for each child to have a hat and a sports shirt. The hats have wide brims and protect the children from the harsh sun, and are to be worn during outside activities thoughtout the year. The sports shirts are worn with denim/navy shorts/pants. These shirts may be worn on any day, however are compulsory on special days, outings and events.


At Little Glens we use sport, arts and culture to contribute to the development of learners. We don’t have any extra murals after school hours. All our extra mural activities take place during school hours while the children are having their free play outside.  We offer Playball, Monkeynastics, Reading is Fun, Mini Rugby and ballet as extra-murals. These are not compulsory and parents choose which activity they would like to join.  Parents deal directly with these companies.

The Grade 0 classes enjoy rugby, cricket, tennis and netball as part of the curriculum.


The children are assessed throughout the year and because of our “learning through play” approach, the children are unaware that they are being assessed. This allows a relaxed, comfortable and optimum environment in which to assess. Each teacher has her own observation file and a portfolio file for each child. The observation sheets are worked out according to the National Curriculum and ISASA criteria. Grade O/R reports cover all the necessary requirements as required by the School Readiness Policy.