There is a host of good scientific evidence that being physically active can help us lead healthier lives, indicating that a fit and healthy body houses a fit and healthy mind. We believe that learning skills needed for playing sport at the right age is very important. If you don’t learn these during the time you are at school it may be too late to learn them after your school years.

Playing sport teaches learners about:

    • Respect for your opponent
    • Responsibility
    • Persistence
    • Self discipline
    • Perseverance
    • Leadership
    • Being part of a team

Sport teaches important life lessons. Amateur sport competition teaches learners about competition and clearly defined rules. It also teaches learners how to fit into and be part of the team. Learners experience the ups and downs of their own and fellow team mates’ performances.

All learners at Glenwood House have to participate in at least one sport each term. We have found that learners discover many hidden talents when they explore the choices of sport activities. Learners should also encourage and support other school sport events because supporters are very important to sport.

Our school is made up of three sports houses,

Courtney (red),

Montagu (green)

and Wellington (blue).

The participation and support of each learner is imperative as houses compete each year in:

    • Athletics
    • Swimming
    • Cross country
    • Water polo
    • Hockey