Jessica Hubert 

“Currently studying International BTEC Diploma in Events Management; going into my final year, 3rd year. Received the Highest marks overall for the last 2 years. Hoping to further my studies with a BA Degree in Events Management & Tourism Management next year. Congrats to all the success making our Glenwood Alumni proud!”

Mark Chimes 

“Just completed a BSc Mathematical Sciences (Focus: Mathematics) at Stellenbosch. Graduation on 11th December. Doing honours in mathematics next year.”

Brian du Preez 

“Just heard that I discovered a new plant species late last year, practical year starting off well.”

Maxim Zubarev 

“(Jim) Jiren Zhou is living in China (Shanghai) and studying and working in an Accountancy Firm.”

Brandon Cloete 

is now studying at the University of Marquette and previously studied at Arizona State University. Before Brandon came to Glenwood House he was told to do Mathematical Literacy. At Glenwood we advised him to do Mathematics and Science and he obtained distinctions in both of these subjects at the end of his Grade 12 year (2 out of his 4 distinctions). 

“On the academics front, I recently changed my major to a Bachelor of Science in Finance and I also was admitted to a highly prestigious program called AIM, which stands for Applied Investment Management. The program provides a small group of students with the opportunity to manage $2 Million of the universities’ money in equity funds and to invest in the stock market. My first classes for the program start this coming semester and if successful, I will graduate with a B/S in Finance and an AIM certificate. So a lot of exciting times ahead for me, but a lot of time away from home because I have to do an internship in the States over May, June and July at a large investment firm in either Chicago or New York City. I could never express how grateful I am to Glenwood House for the doors they have opened for me.”

Tiaan Munro 

“Doing medicine at UCT. First year went fine, and I managed to get onto the Dean’s List. Class starts on Monday so I’m back in Cape Town again and excited for 2nd year.”

Nina Reinach 

“Studying Law at Rhodes – first year went well. Doing a semester exchange in Milan, Italy this year as part of my second year studies. Also took part in a Moot Court Competition and was placed 2nd out of 16 universities.”

Jonathan Murdy 

“Just transferred to Cape Town this year to do my third year of mechanical engineering. All going very well.

Melissa Pohl 

“Finishing my bachelor or Honours in Digital Film Making and 3D Animation this year. Currently working for Audi as Technical Artist in Germany. Hope to visit again soon. “

Kayla Erasmus 

“I am currently studying in Potchefstroom. I am studying communications and industrial psychology and will possibly be taking on law as an extra this year. I dance for the university as well as being the marketing manager of this committee. Hope all is well at Glenwood.”

Dillon Scott 

“Going into my third year at NMMU, studying a bachelor of engineering in mechatronics. Going well!!”

We received a letter from Prestige Academy about one of our 2011 alumni, Jessica Hubert, an extract of which follows: 

“‘I am proud to share with you the success of one of your previous learners, Ms Jessica Hubert. She is enrolled for the Diploma in Event Management and completed the second year of her three year studies at Prestige Academy at the end of 2013. She obtained the highest marks overall (1st place) in this program, which serves as evidence of her academic ability and dedication. Whilst there are usually very small percentage differences between the first 3-5 students in this program, only an extraordinary effort or special qualities distinguish the best achiever from the others.

I wish to congratulate you and the educators who set the foundations for academic excellence of this student enabling her to enter tertiary education with a high degree of confidence. Hopefully this qualification will be the first on the journey of lifelong learning.”

Linley Barnard 

Alumni Glenwood 2010 

7 distinctions in the IEB examination in 2010 

“I am now officially a qualified scientist! I graduated with a distinction in Chemistry, a distinction in Biochemistry and my degree with Distinction from the University of Cape Town on the 12th of December 2013. During my three years at UCT I received the Dean’s Merit List, which includes a bursary of a few thousand rand from the university (the amount varies each year), given to the top students of each faculty. I received the class medal for getting the top mark in second year chemistry for the student continuing with chemistry. I was also invited to join the Golden Key Honours Society which is offered to the top students of each University.

Currently, I am one of 17 students to qualify for Chemistry Honours at UCT. I will be completing my Chemistry Honours during 2014 and will then see where I want to go – whether it be continuing with my Master’s Degree or entering the working world.

Glenwood House College certainly did a fantastic job at preparing me for my tertiary education. They laid down the strong foundation which enabled me to make a success of my career and taught me important lessons such as self-discipline and dedication – lessons which are absolutely vital for life after school.”

Aldi du Toit 

“Finishing up undergrad in anthropology with a few extra majors this year and also doing anthropological research in Malta as well as working for the hosting Belgian university (Leuven University) as academic staff. “

Nicole Spence

Alumni 2012 

“I am now a second year medical student at Stellenbosch University and I can’t convey enough how much Glenwood has helped me to cope with the academic demands of a rather hectic course. Throughout last year, the work I did was very much science-based and it was very challenging, but I found that the foundation for science and such subjects that had been laid down while I was at Glenwood was crucial for my success during the first year. This foundation included a strong work ethic that was instilled in me right from the beginning of grade 8, supportive teachers that motivated me and the motto that one should always pursue excellence in all areas of life. Those three factors, along with many others, allowed me to do well in my first year and I am confident that they will also help me in the years to come. I’d also like this opportunity to thank Mr van Zyl for his impeccable teaching in science. It’s sad to hear that he has left the Glenwood family, but I know that another teacher was appointed who is equally as great. I really feel like the opportunities presented to me at Glenwood allowed me to become a well-rounded person which is extremely important in the world of university. I am doing well and I am sure that my experience at Glenwood has something to do with it. I look forward to the year ahead and I trust that it is a blessed and prosperous year for the school.”