College House is a boarding facility that offers weekly and termly boarding for Grade 8 to 12 pupils.

The HOUSE is indeed a home-away-from-home. Boarders are happy and allowed to develop their identity as individuals within the honour code of the HOUSE.

Discipline is constructive and the HOUSE feels like family. The HOUSE Prefects and the senior boarders act as role models for the juniors and participate in the discipline in the HOUSE. There is mutual respect and you will find boarders in this HOUSE standing and greeting you when you visit.
College House offers ample entertainment: pool, foosball, table tennis, soccer, board games, darts, and chess. There is an old piano in the dining room and the House is filled with the sound of music; not only piano – sometimes guitars and drums as well.

The House offers structured prep sessions and academic support for boarders. Senior boarders tutor junior boarders and significant support in mathematics is available in the HOUSE.

The kitchen is contracted out and offers nutritious and healthy meals. Fruit is always available and dessert is served twice per week. On a normal school day boarders have three main meals – breakfast in the morning, lunch during second break, and then dinner. They also receive sandwiches at first break to keep the hunger pains at bay.

There are water fountains on every level and fresh and cold water is always available. Boarders are allowed to store some of their snacks and alternative food items in the fridges on both floors. A coffee/tea station is situated in the dining room. Rooms are 4 bed-mainly juniors and 2 bed mainly for seniors.
Weekly outings to the Garden Route Mall are arranged on Wednesdays.
Traditions …… Annual Xmas Party; Grade 8 Inauguration and soft-toy initiative; Soccer Smash versus the rest of the school; Skoffelskuur Sokkie Evening; Movie Nights; and Culture Evenings.

There is even a HOUSE dog called Snowy and a Bluetooth speaker called “Veronica”. You will have to come and visit to see for yourself …